Artist – Geelong, Victoria


From a very young age art has always been my biggest inspiration and number one interest. The diversification of what we call art gives us a massively broad scope to what we call creativity. Painting and sculpture has been my most inspired areas creating oversized pieces for homes I am commissioned to design. It’s a fluent tool to tie your interior design concepts together and make a stronger statement of interior cohesion. The beauty of working with acrylics is time. Layer upon layer, creating has a sense of ease and fluency with this product. Art has always been my escape and my negotiator!

Commission work for Geelong Law Firm in acrylic and resin.

Sculpture is always abstract and has a strong sense of discord. Forms that are exaggerated in human form or nonconformist in my overly creative forms, Art is in the eye of the beholder.

About Darren

Darren won his first art award in grade 3 at a school competition scaled from year three to year 12. The painting been 1 metre by 1 metre and abstract created with small cans of DuluxGroup high gloss enamel. That year Darren’s music teacher asked if he could buy the piece. The following year, Darren took out the hat trick winning a second year in a row.

Years later in 1999 Darren had his first exhibition with 35, 1200 x2400mm paintings and 12, 1 metre tall sculptures. On the exhibition night, all pieces were sold. Such an exciting time. Since then, Darren paints on request and for the homes he has designed since the commencement of his home design business in 2002. It still feels like a hobby, that’s definitely a blessing.

Art been such a broad spectrum, Darren has been highly motivated to continue to experiment and add to his creative spectrum. Sculpture work is an area Darren is looking forward to share in classes which he has been doing for the past 4 years with his Christmas Wreath Workshop. It’s a real joy inspiring others to step outside of their comfort zone and give them a boost to realise they can create if your really inspired, want too and someone to nurture you.

Click to enlarge. Art by Darren