Sculpture & Paint Classes – Geelong, Victoria

Geelong Artist

Due to the interest in both the creation and form of my sculpture work, and the recent collections of large abstract acrylic resin paints, We are setting dates in June 2022 for DARREN GRAYSON SCULPTURAL FORMATION 2022 and DARREN GRAYSON OVERSIZED ACRYLIC ABSTRACT RESINS 2022. Both classes will be held on Sunday’s and both classes will run over two weekends. So be that consecutive Sundays. The sculptural classes are time consuming and constant. Classes will commence at 1pm and run till 6pm. The Oversized Abstract Resin classes will work on a different time layout. Also starting at 1pm, working to approximately 4pm first week.The second week will be 1pm till 5.00pm.

If for any reason we need to extend for a third session, we will work that out on site, everyone will be different. The sculpture class is more likely to extend. Deciding figurative or abstract will need to be decided prior to the classes due to bases been constructed. The Abstract, colours will also need to be decided prior, hint, the less colours the better.

Please forward your interest to as soon as possible. Check Pricing for more information. LIMITED NUMBERS, EXCLUSIVE CLASS.